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penantes [userpic]

February 26th, 2007 (08:37 am)

Seems like I rarely get a chance to post anymore. I have so much going on. A friend called a week ago and wanted to go to dinner and I had to put her off for a week as things were just too hectic. She said "what the f***? What do you do when you are not at work?" So, I got irritated, but then I thought about it...where does the time go?

Yesterday was a good example of how I didn't get half of the things done I wanted to get done. I slept in (my treat on Sundays) and was reading the paper and having my coffee when A called and was having an emergency. L's niece died and had to fly out immediately and needed someone to take the little sparky dog to the kennel out on Sauvies. So I got dressed and asked K if she would come with me, surprisingly she said sure. So off we go on this errand which ended up taking almost 3 hours (I ended up buying k a latte for her expert driving). Then came home to start 4 loads of laundry, dishes, walking dogs, and general home stuff. I went grocery shopping (I hate that on Sundays as the store is always packed) and K was kind enough to put up those basement lights and caulk the kitchen sink. She was in a good mood yesterday. Even chased me around and tickled me like she used to do. She is studying more as the algebra is harder, and I don't see her as much during the week between work and school. She is reaching out to me a little more...touching my back and cuddling up to me when watching TV. Its been nice. I won't make assumptions about what that might mean. She is back on effexor which didn't work for her for last two years, and I have grave doubts it will help her long term. Last week she told her therapist she wanted to take a break. I worry she will never return and do the real work she needs to do.

I am skeptical about a lot that her therapist does with her. Giving K the "The Secret" to watch, which has such a strong spiritual message (even though K was receptive to it) makes me judge her credentials, and philosophy. But hey, its not me that's seeing her. I just want K to be able to move in a direction that makes her happy. She has such a hard time making any sort of commitments (even to herself). I wish I could wholeheartedly believe in such ideas, as you create your own reality with your thoughts. but the idea that your thoughts have made you create illness in your body and can erase it, give me huge pause. I like the idea that positive thought (versus negative thought) can help you and your attitude about life and I have been trying to use those ideas daily since watching the video with K. Maybe I need it more than her? *laughing* Always a skeptic!

I started cross stitching. Making subversive cross stitch has been ultimate fun, so yesterday I started on a new one for D. It says * What the hell kinda hell! * and has dreamy flowery border...she will love it...as she says that saying all the time.

So last night after falling into bed, I realized my "to do" list was only half done and so today...I will definitely make a dent in my list today...